BIKETUBE brand inner tubes are made to our specifications by our manufacturing partner in Asia, one of the most technologically advanced in the world, making tubes for global brands such as Cannondale and others.

We specify only the best materials for our tubes, beginning with a butyl rubber compound produced using a Banbury Mixing process. After vulcanization, a 100% quality inspection is done, insuring our tubes conform to the JIS K6304 Standard.

Every single BIKETUBE inner tube is individually inspected.  Each one is inflated to 135% its normal size, and then checked 24 hours later. If there is any leakage at all, the tube is rejected. Additional leak checks are done using water. Each tube is inspected for uniform shape, uniform wall thickness, cracks and defects.

Our standard tubes have a 0.9mm wall thickness, which is held to a variation of 0.04mm or less, and which offers, we feel, the best balance between light weight and puncture resistance.

Our valves are of high quality, using brass material (or aluminum alloy on our extra light weight tubes), and the joint and rubber seat area exceed industry standards for tensile strength.

We guarantee our tubes to be free from valve leaks and other manufacturing defects when they are delivered to you.

We coat each tube with a thin layer of talc so that they are less likely to get pinched between the rim and tire bead during installation and don’t become stuck to the tire.